Seafood Dishes

Dop Gum Yee Kew / $12.95
Filet of Haddock rolled in Egg Batter, deep fried, blended with Garden Vegetables.

Fried Shrimp with Tomatoes / $13.95

Moo Goo Shrimp / $13.95
Breaded shrimp served on a bed of stir-fried vegetables.

Almond Shrimp Ding / $14.25

Chow Har Kew / $15.25
Fresh shrimp sautéed with fresh vegetables.

Shrimp with Black Bean Sauce (spicy) / $15.25

Curried Shrimps / $14.65

Curried Scallops / $16.50

Woo Dip Har / $15.50
a.k.a. Butterfly Shrimp
Split fresh Jumbo Shrimps, each folded in Bacon, dipped in Egg batter, grill fried to tenderness and served with Mushroom sauce

Tsing Jeng Lobster / Seasonal Price
Live Lobster chopped into right size, steamed with shredded Green Onions and Ginger to perfection. One day advance order required.

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